Basic Coaching Skills for Teams + their Partners

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Workshop Summary:

We love to fix things!

And we're good at it! But here's a twist: there’s also power in not fixing...

The shift to an agile way of working introduces new patterns into the workplace: no longer do some “command” and others “execute”. The move to shared leadership requires everyone to develop new skills - and coaching skills are arguably among the most versatile and powerful, being useful in all aspects of the organisation’s work, from test-driving software to strategy and planning meetings!

The workshop is not intended for any particular job role, instead the focus is on accessing the wisdom of everyone involved in innovating and problem solving.  I recommend you invite those with whom your team collaborates, be it internal managers, other departments, or even clients.

In this workshop you’ll get guidance and tips from a certified coach, and practice new skills in an enjoyable and low-­risk way, using your own real-world examples, together with colleagues. You’ll leave with a new awareness of the “no fixing” coaching stance: how to tell if you’re doing it, how it can apply in your work, and how to use it respectfully by coaching the problem, not the person.


Training is in English, and students use other languages for exercises.


Organisational agility is a journey, not a destination, and it is important that such a workshop be adjusted fit your stage of the journey.  So, consider the following a menu, which we’ll adjust to create a day that resonates for you, a vibrant and valuable experience. (Timings are approximate, and will be fine tuned while discussing the desired structure of your workshop.

* starred items are key elements, always recommended

  1. Personal Reflection prior to the Workshop *
  2. Culture Shift: from “stay in control” to a “shared learning” model of leadership
  3. Creating Safety and Engagement *
  4. Powerful Questions *
  5. Levels of Listening
  6. Live Coaching Demo *
  7. The “No Fixing” Coaching Dojo
  8. Applying PQs in Your Own Collaborative Work Roles
  9. So what? Implications for your workplace *
  10. Designing Next Steps
  11. Final Group Debrief
  12. One-on-one Coaching (post-workshop)

Download a .pdf of this Menu, with further details about each element.

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I believe that diversity is energizing and helpful when people work together. So, while this course is priced in line with typical business offerings, at or under 600€ per person, I also encourage people with limited income or restricted budget to register with a discount. If you are passionate about this topic but find the price out-of-reach, please contact me to discuss a price reduction that makes this event accessible to you. Yes, it may feel awkward, but don’t wait! I want to meet you and help you make this possible!

YOUR TRAINER – Deborah Hartmann Preuss

My passion is bringing joy back to work. I do this all over Europe as a coach, facilitator, and trainer, living in south-western Germany. My greatest passion is coaching change-agents on the phone, to magnify their strengths and grow more impact and joy in their work. I love my work so much, I give away free coaching samples to all who ask!

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and associate of the International Coach Federation. In an earlier incarnation, I coached agile software teams in North America and Europe. I've been privileged to learn the practice of Holding Space from Larry Peterson in Canada, and in the past 10 years I have hosted, attended and facilitated many Open Space events, in three languages, in Canada, the US, Germany, France and Switzerland.

With Naresh Jain, I co-created the AgileCoachCamp viral conference format, which has run over 50 times worldwide since 2008. I rarely attend “traditional” conferences any more! Still curious? There’s more about my work on my website, 

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