The “Six Ways” Leadership Workshop

6 Ways
to get People to Do What's Right!

There are a lot of "right" things we'd all like to see in effective teams, like: doing things right, doing "the right things", and treating one another right. What do you do when it's obvious they're "doing it wrong?"

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The shift to Agile can be disorienting. Leaders can feel dis-empowered because their teams are supposed to "self organize" now. And experienced team members can feel their expertise is devalued or ignored.

Ideally, expertise and leadership evolve along with the Agile mindset, and the team reaches new mutual understandings of what is "right" together. But the skills to make this shift may be atrophied. Our habitual patterns of debate, power struggle and setting standards will not do it. If you need to move faster, with better quality, and are ready to try a different way, then this workshop is for you.

Park your ideas of what's right, while you explore with us a model of thought leadership powered by influence, not authority. Deepen your understanding of "shared leadership", powerful questions, and inviting all voices - including skeptics. Come practice facilitative interaction skills in a dojo format, and leave with a plan to apply them in your own context.

What's on the Program?

Oh, it's a really full day, and we'll keep you awake! We'll teach you the skills you need to make an Agile transition powerful - skills you need to help teams transition, but which are often not taught in more method-oriented classes.

  • Identify a real situation where you felt the urge to "make them do it right" and use it to guide your work all day.
  • Experiment with the Schwarz "Mutual Learning Leadership" model - to shift from "this is the answer" to "let's find out together".
  • Learn to create an atmosphere where it's safe to take risks, even in a technical environment
  • Practice the art of Powerful Questions in a "dojo" format - it's easy to understand, but mastery takes practice
  • Develop your next steps, then work with a partner to make your plan even better using The Perfection Game.


This is an intensive, interactive workshop, so we prefer to keep class size under 30. Students will work as a whole group and in small groups to practice the theory we teach. There's private time at the start for students to reflect on what they hope to learn, and at the end to plan how to apply their learning.

Our teaching is inspired by Sharon Bowman's "back-of-the-room" approach, so there's lots of variety and students are active every step of the way. Expect a little theory, and lots of practice.

You'll receive a blank notebook to use for the exercises, and several workbook pages to summarize what's taught. The resource list saves you writing everything down so you can focus on what matters: practice.


Training is available in English, German, and French. The student workbook is in English, though we'd love to work with you to translate it, if you need it.


We usually run our workshops on demand, to ensure our energy always goes where there's passion to learn.

Drop us a note to start a conversation about bringing this workshop to your city.

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